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Jonas V. Schürmann

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Jonas V. Schürmann

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YouTube Kickstart 101

YouTube Kickstart 101


Starting out with YouTube isn’t that hard, starting out with YouTube to be successful or to at least have a chance, needs some planning. So if you want to start out with YouTube, have a plan of what you want to do, a structure guiding your while setting up your channel.


Choose a short name which people are able to remember. “Valgard” or “Val” are good names, while “SuperImbaMegaSayajinHairValgard3000HDXXX” or “ValgardLP9000HD” aren’t viable names. Also don’t restrict yourself through your name. “LP”, “Tutorial” or something like that would limit you to a certain kind of content on your channel.


A few years ago you were actually able to change your channel URL anytime you wanted, just like your Facebook URL. Sadly, this feature isn’t available anymore if you don’t fulfil special requirements. As soon as you fulfill those, change it! It’ll help you to follow the structure you set up with your concept.

Profile picture

You already implemented a structure and put some thoughts into the concept of your channel. Now you need something to show your viewers who you are and what you do. Ideally that’s a unique selling proposition pointing out why your channel is special. As someone who wants to do YouTube professionally, I’d advice you to take a picture of yourself. It gives your viewers an image of who you are and how you look like so it’s easier for them so link your voice to your face. If you don’t want to choose a picture of yourself because you don’t like to be seen on the internet or because you’re maybe not a private person but a brand, you can – of course – use a fancy logo, too.

Channel banner

Same as for your profile picture, goes for your channel banner. For this, I’d advise you to use something that is related to what you’re going to do. I told you not to use something like “LetsPlay” in your name, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use characters or something else from the gaming / anime scene if you actually are a “Let’s Play” YouTuber. Your banner is supposed to tell every visitor what you’re doing at first sight.

My advice is that you should keep it pretty simple and basic so don’t use any special fonts – Yes, Comic Sans is a special font…! – or fancy things that are hard to read.
KISS (keep it short & simple) really applies here.

Trailer? Trailer!

Your channel is your first point of contact and interaction with your viewers, even before Social Media. So you should think about a trailer that is representing what you’re going to do and where you want to be so that viewers and subscribers can get an image and an actual reason why they should watch your videos or subscribe to you. If you have no idea where to start or what to talk about, get yourself some Inspiration from bigger YouTube channels.

Social Media

Social Media is…you know…you can’t go around it nowadays. YOU need it! Just create new social media profiles with your channel name  and connect your channel’s social media profiles to the channel itself. Please keep in mind to be active on your social media pages but to not overdo it. You don’t want people reconsidering their follow or like just because your spamming them with some “super mega cool yolo swagghetti” shit.

Social Media Profiles MUST have:

Social Media Profiles nice to have:

  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • You Now
  • Twitch


Sound & Video

What about dad’s old video camera from when he was young? You could use…no, please don’t.
Of course I know that you guys might not be able to get yourself the new state of the art video camera and light setup. But please, if you don’t have the money to buys some high end stuff, invest in a good HD webcam. They’re not holding up for a long time but if you do it right, you can use them to start out without looking like too cheap.

YOUR appearance

If you decide to be shown in your videos, please use makeup. I know this may sound weird to you at first. But please, don’t lose your sexuality over wearing some makeup. You’re not gay just because you wear makeup in your videos to make yourself look more flawless and ready for HD filming.

Of course you don’t need to do as much as Kim Kardashian but that’s not my point. My point is, that you shouldn’t look like a mess when you’re on camera. You want to do it professional, so do it all the way. If you don’t want to do it it’s totally fine but I for myself do recommend it when your skin isn’t that perfect and you have a few pimples and so on. And it’s really easy to use. The products I use are basically MAC Cosmetics Powder and a little bit of Bronzer for summed up about 100€ or something and it lasts a few months if you use it daily so even longer if you just use it for a video every 2nd or 3rd day.


Gladly you’re able to set your own thumbnails nowadays. The thumbnail you pick, is the picture that is going to be shown to your viewer before they start the video. The picture you pick here should follow these 2 short guidelines:

  • 1280px * 720px to use the 16:0 format provided by YouTube to its fullest
  • Let it be outstanding! Choose something that makes your video interesting for your  viewer.



In general you could say that using music is good as long as it suites your content or type of videos you produce. Please keep in mind that you should only use music you have the licence for. If you don’t have the licence for any music you can use from artists that offer them under the Creative Commons Licence. That means that the artist offers his music for free as long as you name him. If you have to do that in the video description or in the video itself depends on the artist, keep that in mind.

The Endcard

The endcard is pretty much self-explaining. You place it at the end of the video to use it for showcasing your other videos, asking for comments and likes or shares and subscriptions. If you have no real idea what an endcard is, watch some famous vloggers and take a look at their endcard, that should give you a pretty good impression.

Video description

Yes, I could – again! – tell you to make it as interesting as possible. But to keep it real and honest, it’s a description to inform your viewers with or to link your social media profiles in. You’re going to make it useful, not extra fancy and outstanding. You could build it up like this:

[spoiler title=”Expand Me”]Thanks for watching my video! If you liked it, please subscribe to my channel and follow me on my social media profiles. Links down below!
Facebook: ABC
Twitter: ABC
Music by: ABC
(Insert here whatever else you want to tell or link)[/spoiler]


Tags are pretty much self-explaining. More is more is a rule that absolutely applies here!

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t use tags that don’t match the video content as you’d be violating YouTube’s Community TOC’s.

That’s all for now. I might update this in the future or post an update to it.


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