Social Media Manager? WHO?!

Social Media Manager? WHO?!

7th July 2017 Social Media 2

What is a Social Media Manager? 

Brutally Honest Job Titles would say that it’s the “person with the Twitter password” and even though it’s funny, it’s not really true. A Social Media Manager is the standard conversation starter, besides discussing the weather or “What do you do?”, “How’s your day?”, “Throwback Thursday, share your best throwbacks! #tbt”.

So what a Social Media Manager (SMM or SMMGR) actually does:

  •  evaluating existing social media activities and channels from different brands
  • developing a unique, individually tailored social media strategy for each client
    • evaluating the individual clients needs of being on social media
    • target demographics and corporate brand identity on social media
  • Facebook
    • creating ads
    • building up a community and gathering “likers”
    • like pages with content related to your own and engage with them
    • create content on behalf of the client
  • Twitter
    • create and manage accounts
    • developing and tweeting content
    • following and interacting with other accounts / brands
      • influencers and thought leaders especially
    • keep track of mentions and favorites likes and respond
    • tracking keywords
    • creating ads on Twitter’s own advertising platform
  • Google+ (mostly caused by the great SEO benefit through the Google+ presence)
    • sharing similar content to the one on Facebook
    • interacting with other accounts by putting them into circles and interacting with their content
  • YouTube (only when client has videos to share)
    • create account and subscribe to other accounts
    • adding videos to primary accounts playlist
    • interacting with content of other accounts
  • Reputation Management
    • monitoring site reviews like Kununu, XING, LinkedIn, Yelp, Citysearch, Google+ Local
      • responding to reviews if needed
  • Pinterest (for strong visually focused clients)
  • LinkedIn 
    • sometimes managing personal LinkedIn accounts of executive board members, VIP’s etc.
    • setting up business pages
    • posting information relevant to the field the client works in
  • Tracking and analyzing the Social Media Strategy the Social Media Manager implemented to constantly improve


Tell me about the To-Do’s!


  • respond to messages and mentions
  • create conversations with brand ambassadors
  • find and engage potential customers
  • research the social media industry for new trends and information
  • look-up and go over your content plan, make edits if necessary
  • Post on Twitter
  • Post on Facebook (less frequency than Twitter)
  • Post on Google+ (less frequency than Twitter)
  • Post on Instagram (less frequency than Twitter)
  • Post on LinkedIn (even less than Facebook, Google+ and Instagram)
  • monitor the competition
  • compose a blog post


  • engage with community VIP’s, thought leaders and marketing partners
  • discuss tactics with your client and/or team
  • evaluate your social media


  • evaluate the whole month’s social media and edit your strategy and stretch goal if necessary
  • attend local and national / international events related to your brand or industry field
  • send out a monthly social media report to other departments and ask for ideas and feedback to improve

2 – 3 times a year

  • evaluate your social media from the past  4 – 6 months and adjust your goals
  • evaluate and edit your KPI’s if necessary
  • evaluate your team capacity and needs (if you have a team / want to build a team)


And at last I’d like to share something that I’ve experienced over the past 3 years that I’ve been doing Social Media:
There are no social media expert’s. Regardless of what they tell you. They can be strategists or advocates or managers but there’s simply too much out there, to be an expert in every field. Everyone has his special field where he or she is perfect in and knows exactly what he or she is doing, but no one of us is an expert as we’re all constantly learning new things and new approaches every day.

That’s it for now.



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