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Jonas V. Schürmann

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Jonas V. Schürmann

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Reputation Risks

7th July 2017 General, PR

Hey there!

And welcome to my blog!

Today I’ll recycle something old that I wrote while I was employed at Allianz.


What is a reputation risk?

A reputation risk, as raw as it gets, is something that threatens your standing to others, the outside world or just anybody who could be interested in you or your work or whatever.


Why would I care?

Did you notice that sometimes when you were a child, other children were talking behind your back and spreading rumors about what dangerous/scary/awesome/whatever stuff you’ve done? You can use this!
You can actually use rumors and twist them towards yourself.
Remember when some people on Twitter picked up a big mobile provider and were spreading bad PR about said mobile provider?

Guess what!
They turned the pipe and fired back. Okay, to be honest, they didn’t really “fire back”, but they took advantage of someone who wanted to use bad – and not even true! – PR against them. You as a Social Media Manager, Entrepreneur, Community Manager, should know how to avoid something like that or, if you can’t avoid it, how to take advantage of it.


How do I take advantage?

Well, that’s the easy part:

  1. Notice, that someone tries to mock you!
  2. Figure out a way to respond to it
    1. Funny? – Keep in mind, that it should be funny for both, you and the one you try to mock back.
    2. Serious?
    3. Mixed?
  3. Respond
  4. Engage! Once you start this, there’s no turning back!

Isn’t this actually dangerous for my reputation?

Actually, you could say “No risk, no fun.” but it’s not that easy.
You have to really think about what you’re doing and if your community is currently in a mood for you making jokes.
Furthermore you need to be damn sure that your brand is able to do jokes.
I guess I don’t need to explain what exactly I mean by that, you’re a professional, you can determine that.

But the really cool point about this all is: You get an option.
Your community gives you an option and you can use it to prove that your Social Media is on point. Try it.

If it doesn’t work for you, stop doing it or try it again.
Social Media is a lot about try and error and if your community is up for jokes (which should be a criteria like I wrote above) they’ll be able to take it as a bad sense of humour. It’s pretty much up to your skills and what you’re capable of.
There’s only one thing I’d like you to know if you do Social Media or Community Management for a company / brand:

You don’t only speak for yourself. You communicate for your colleagues and your company.

See yourself as a frontline, hold your ground and reach for the highest heights.

It’s just something that floated into my mind while working today.
Sometimes I just sit down over the day and write while vaping my e-cigarette.
For me, it’s helping to understand my work and improve it.
Maybe I can give you an idea or an input, too. Who knows?

Anyway, thanks for reading, follow buttons on top and share buttons down below!



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