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Jonas V. Schürmann

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Jonas V. Schürmann

Marketing Director

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Internal Communication

7th July 2017 General, PR

…or why it is important to be in the loop.

Community Management is a very diverse job.
You have a lot of responsibilities for a wide variety of different products, languages and teams to keep in touch with.
Additionally the CM is responsible for the communication from the team to the community and backwards.
To be able to communicate, the CM – of course – needs information to share.


That’s the point where the issues start, when your internal communication isn’t on point.


So what happens, when I don’t get any information to share with the public?

In the best case scenario? – Nothing.
In the worst case scenario? – The biggest shitstorm you’ll ever be able to imagine.

The point is, that we’re humans. Humans are basically seeking for information for their whole life.
And whether we want to admit it or not: We do hate it, when we can’t get all the information we want.

So far, so good.


I need an information but no one tells me it’s there! 

To be honest, that’s a problem. You and your colleagues, should share all of your information.  A part of our job as a CM is to manage the community, which can be done best through guiding them towards the point where you want / need them.

The best way to do this, is to plan ahead. But to actually be able to plan ahead, you need information.
And you’ll need a lot of it, cause you should have a plan for every outcome of a situation that you can imagine with the information you’re given.


I’m not allowed to communicate the information I’ve got!

That’s actually not such a bad thing as you might think. At least you were able to acquire an information so you’re able to come up with something.  It may – of course – not be the master key to the galaxy, but it’s something.
And you can still use that information to guide the community.
If you know where the journey goes, you can plan the route ahead. You know what I mean? – You’re probably a CM, of course you do.


When other people fail to provide the information I need, what do I do?

If you rely on other people to provide you with the necessary information to do your job accordingly, you should always try to get as much information as possible out of them.  If this – like stated above – fails, you’ll be in trouble and – again – relying on others to help you.
The point is, that our job is based on information.

At least I am driven by the need of an efficient and productive environment in my private and professional life.
I do need as much information as I can get so that I’m able to plan everything ahead and be as efficient as I can be without being a machine.


How does all that stuff above benefit me in any way?

Well, a happy customer is a good customer. Your community is consisting of your customers. You can’t always be the messenger of love & harmony.  At least sometimes you’ll have to bring bad news.
If you get the information you need fast enough, you’ll have everything you need to prepare a plan for different situations.

What do they ask?
What are they probably interested in?
Hypothetically they could ask A) B) C) D) and so on.


We’re Community Managers.
We’re the direct front line of communication towards the customer in the outside world.

Our job is to maintain the community in a healthy state were they feel cared and understood by the people inside the company.

So please, if you’re a Lead, Social Media Manager, Product Director, Support Representative, Marketing & PR professional etc.: keep us in the loop.
At least one of us, to inform the rest. And make sure they inform us. We’re the ones who’ll have to bath in shame and anger when you fail to communicate towards us properly.


Information matters.
Information prepares.
Information forges efficiency and productivity.



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